Bank holiday Monday

Bank holiday Monday

Today was bank holiday Monday, had a much quieter day than the other 2 days over the weekend. Our day started off with going to a few local shops including Toys R Us, our 2 boys had vouchers from Christmas so we finally got to our local store. Being 8 and 5 they chose some pretty cool toys, which were both Power Rangers. One from the latest Power Ranger Movie and Imaginext figure pack.

Later on we drove to the Broadway Shopping centre in Bradford. Where our eldest child and daughter bought herself a skirt from Topshop. We didn’t last an hour in the shopping centre as it became super busy!

We decided to treat our kids to a meal for the bank holiday so we went to Pizza Hut, we all loved stuffing our faces of pizza and ice cream factory for afterwards.

bank holiday Monday

We came home, I decided to do a jigsaw with my youngest son who is 5 and then the boys school homework with them, which included reading, writing and learning about Verbs.

I have just come in from running our dog Daniel the spaniel which I run with him each night around midnight, makes me feel more tired and hopefully the dog feels the same!

Until next time. Seya bye.

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