A making day with my kids

A making day with my kids

Today as been awesome, a making day with my kids. We started off by running into the local Brewers Fayre for our breakfast, I say run because we literally had to make it with in 10 minutes! We made it and the staff were really good at accommodating us last minute, thank you. My favourite bit about the breakfast there is the huge choice of food you can have for a family 5 it is very affordable at just £17 for all of us.

Once we had finished our breakfast we nipped out to a few shops, looking for my youngest son some new trainers, which we found in TK Maxx. Although our 12 year old daughter refused to come into the shops, it must be her age or something! I can’t actually remember what I was like when I was 12!! Anyways, I stayed in the car with our daughter and my wife went with our 2 boys into the shops. Success, they came back with new trainers. Which very rarely happens, going into a shop for a certain thing you need and coming out with totally something you really don’t!!!

a making day with my kids

When we got home, me and my daughter decided to go to the local supermarket and buy some ingredients to make the most yummiest chocolate cake we have ever made to date, (bear in mind it’s our first). We totally made a mess of the kitchen but was worth it.

Then once tidied up, me and my youngest son went to take our dog, Daniel the spanial for a walk – my son on his skateboard, which for the first time he stood on it with his balance going down the path, he looked awesome and he’s just 5 years old.

We have ended our day by making some amazing Power Ranger weapons, shields and other things out of cardboard. I love making things with my 2 sons and they love it too.

a making day with my kids

a making day with my kids

Have you ever made anything out of cardboard with your kids, I would love to know what you have made?

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2 Responses to A making day with my kids

  1. Becci May 9, 2017 at 8:18 pm #

    Sounds like a fab day, not made anything using cardboard for a while, but love making cookies, building a blanket den and playing a board game while chomping on warm cookies

    • Damion May 10, 2017 at 10:24 am #

      Thank you Becci for your comment. Oh yes cookies are so yummy 😛 we’ve never made a blanket den yet! 🙂 Thanks for the ideas

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